BOSTON HERALD: Council Prez Mulls Non-Citizen Voters

By Dan Atkinson

City Council President Andrea Campbell wants to let noncitizens vote in Boston’s municipal
elections — possibly including illegal immigrants — and she’s planning to hold a hearing on the

“I want to have conversations about how noncitizens can fully participate and come out of the
shadows to do so,” Campbell said. “These residents generate millions in taxes coming from
folks who are identified as undocumented, DACA, legal permanent residents as well as having
green cards. We should be open-minded and keep it open as to how they could participate.”

Campbell is calling for a hearing on allowing noncitizens to vote in city elections. While the
hearing order focuses on immigrants who are in the country legally — including residents with
green cards or TPS designation — she wanted to “explore” the idea of letting illegal immigrants
vote as well.

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